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  • Social Media

    You might have noticed we have no social media icons.   As you may or may not know, Facebook and other social media sites (lots owned by Facebook) own your photos once posted.  We are a copyright acknowledging company.  Salleeco Stock Images owns all photos/content/images and all content on this website is registered copyright with Industry Canada …

  • Always growing the photo bank

    We are always adding and growing our photo bank and so should you.  Take advantage of discount codes and save while developing a great stock collection.

  • Search Tips

    Tips to find your photos!!  Type in keywords to help with your search. eg:  weddings, couples, red, food, cat, ocean, canada…… You can also search by color, emotion, actions, activities. eg:  love, loving, kissing, shopping, horse riding…… Also search for singular or plurals eg:  horses, cats, streets……. You can alway search color or black and …

  • Shoe Box Gallery

    The Shoe Box gallery is a gallery that contains many uncategorized photos.  Take a look through this gallery.  You might find what you are looking for.  

  • Are you looking for a creative person for your project?

    Salleeco is affiliated with some of the most creative people around.  Let us know if you are looking for a photographer, graphic designer, hairstylist, makeup artist, photo stylist.  We can help!!

  • Discount Codes

    Check out our monthly discount codes for additional savings!!!  Look in the search menu for the code to use at checkout.