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 Licensed content/image(s). The rights granted to you with both personal use and commercial use licenses are non-transferable and non sub-licensable, meaning that you cannot transfer or sub-license them to anyone else. The exceptions are:

Employer or client. If you are making a purchase for your employer or client, then the employer or client can use the content/image(s). In this case, you represent and you have full legal authority to bind your employer or client to the terms of the personal use of commercial use agreement. If you do not have that authority, then your employer or client may not use the content.

Subcontractors. You may allow subcontractors -print shops, mailing houses and distributors to use content in any production/distribution process related to your final project or end use. Subcontractors/distributors may not use the content/image/license for any other purpose.

You can use content/image(s) in advertising and communications, marketing, app building, websites and web design, social media, media production, presentations, newspapers, magazines, books, and product packaging and lots more.

  • User license restrictions. The personal use or commercial use license is for a single user. With print liberties given to subcontractors and purchase liberties given to employees as stated in the above paragraphs.

Photo Credits.  You do not need to include a photo credit for commercial use.  If you are using the content/image(s) for editorial purposes, you must include the following credit with the content/image(s) credits: Salleeco Stock Images.

Onwnership of content/image. All of the licensed content/images are owned by Salleeco Stock. All rights not expressly granted in the personal use and commercial use agreements are reserved by Salleeco Stock.

Warranties/Guarantees. The content/image(s) are provided “as is” without representation, warranty or condition of any kind  expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, implied representations, warranties/condition of merchantability, or fit of content/images(s) for a particular purpose. Salleeco Stock does not guarantee or warrant that the content/image(s) will meet your requirements for output.

Login.  By logging and creating an account you will be able to track your purchases in the dashboard.  This will also expedite checkout time.

Watermark.  The watermark (copyright Salleeco 2017) is removed once your purchase and pay for the content/image(s).

Terms of Service Agreement. The Terms of Service Agreement acknowledgement is located underneath the checkout now button (By clicking “Checkout Now”, you are agreeing to our terms of service) at the checkout.  Please read this as you auto sign upon checkout and agree to the terms of service and license purchase agreement.

Subscriptions to purchase photo credits.  Web developers are currently working to add this valuable and cost advantage option to our site.  Be patient this option is  COMING SOON.